Monday, November 27, 2006

Plastið tekið af / Ripping off the plastic


My name is Bob and I'm from Iceland. I like to scribble, jot, draw and waste ink.

I draw you when you're not looking.

I like to smell new sketchbooks, sharpen my Pluto pencils and refill my Rapidograph. I also like to refill my pencils, smell my Rapidograph and sharpen my sketchbooks.

I use all kinds of books for drawing, but I like Moleskines the best. I usually rip out the little string and cut off the elastic band, being the ruiner that I am.

I've filled up something like 50 sketchbooks in my 25 years and I thought of putting up a blog when I started scanning them. So you can expect to see doodles old and new, and little features on people far more talented than me.

Please don't bitch about bad composition, loony proportions or too few/many fingers. These are just scribbles. Just me letting my pen (and captions) do the talking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby,
is this the first comment in your blog? Cool.
I also like to smell new sketchbooks, so we are two already... I like your drawings, reminds me of my own ;-)

Keep on rocking, I'll stopping by a lot!

9:57 PM  
Blogger Bobby said...

Thanks! Sketchbook smell should come in cans.

10:23 PM  

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